• Logistics and transportation, processes, carrier contracts and systems
  • Warehouse management and crossdock management

Information technology

  • Software development
  • Internet Security  
  • Server Deployment: Linux - Centos, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Enterprise, Gentoo 
  • Virtualization XEN, cloud computing and data centers   


Logistics Technology deploys and integrates open source software solutions. Among the many benefits of open source software is the freedom from licensing and proprietary contracts. We offer implementation consulting services for:

  • POS -  Web based retail point of sale   
  • CMS -  Content Management Systems
  • CRM -  Customer Relationship Management and sales team management 
  • ERP -  Enterprise Resource Planning 

Through a thorough GAP analysis, we select the best application for our customers' needs. Both small and medium businesses stand to benefit from a wide selection of well-tested open source solutions, commercially supported by Logistics Technology.

software development

Logistics technology begun internet based application development in 1999, "XMS" our crossdock management application was introduced to the market in 2000. In January 2002 "Pollaro"  was released to the market, a native internet application system leveraging the organic functionality within the internet to solve logistics and transportation short-comings.    

  • XMS -  Crossdock management system
  • Pollaro - Refrigerated transportation management system
  • MGA -  Transportation management system
  • LTE - Load tender express
  • PYTHON, PHP, Java 
  • Our preferred Database is PostgreSQL but much of our work is done with MariaDB and sqlLite.
  • Our platforms; CENTOS 5.5, 6, Ubuntu 10.10, 11.04, Gentoo and other variants of Linux.



Manufacturing and service industries present a huge challenge for management. Automation of routine tasks can appear to be trivial and unimportant to the success of a business, but often these trivial tasks can slowly chip away and erode the foundation of a business. Case and point, were approached by one of our manufacturing customers who did not wish to upgrade his entire processing equipment just to benefit from sensors in his production line. Although the new version of his manufacturing hardware already included sensors, it also included a hefty price of several million dollars and a year long project timeline. We met the client's needs with practical solutions - after all, that is what the real world is all about. By implementing computer-controlled sensors for every raw material station, humidity and temperature sensors in the production lines and NAGIOS a configurable software application alert system,  we meet the customer's needs, for a fraction of the cost. Now our customer can receive instant alerts about his production line anywhere in the world.     


Our "lab" is a hub for experimentation and creation. By using our network of resources, creativity, and will to create, we make possible what you imagine. Our projects are as varied as our customers; we have been approached to create solutions ranging from computer-controlled video cameras to on-board systems for electric vehicles.

Case Projects:

  • Computer-controlled refrigerated lockers for food distribution 
  • Computer-controlled systems for managing solar-powered hybrid HVAC systems
  • Board-embedded applications
  • Temperature, humidity, and other sensor controls
  • Stand-alone kiosks, sales, payments, and other services
  • Satellite communications              

media projects